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Training Academy

As part of our mission to simplify travel complexity, we have recently enhanced our Training Academy. The Academy is a community for all our clients, where knowledge, best practice and tips are shared.

Whether you book travel occasionally or frequently, our Training Academy aims to provide our customers with all the guidance needed for a simple and more efficient booking experience.

We've also developed hot topics pages containing expert insight on important travel-related matters such as risk management and cost savings.

HOW TO ACCESS the Training Academy

Everyone who is registered to book with us is eligible to access our Training Academy. You simply need to log in online.

Once logged in, click on the Training Academy next to the myKT button.

Take a tour around our Training Academy

What's new

Whether you're new to Key Travel or simply need a refresher, our Academy showcases a whole bunch of savvy travel training resources - including fresh and dynamic tutorials - to get you booking like a pro. It includes:

  • VISUAL LEARNING: Featuring infographics, videos and webinar
  • HOT TOPICS: A brand new section for case studies, articles and insight on important matters such as risk and cost management
  • ASK US A QUESTION: An interactive way for you to get the information you need - and fast
  • FAQs: We've introduced a new search facility
  • TRAVEL ALERTS: View the most relevant information via our news ticker

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