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Key Travel Mobile App

ADD. MANAGE. SHARE. The newly updated Key Travel app is a simple and convenient way for frequent travellers to stay on top of trips whilst on the move. View and manage all trip elements in one place, from itineraries, flight and hotel bookings – making it the essential travel app!

The app will also alert you in real time to any alterations or delays that may impact your journey, enabling you to avoid last minute surprises and make the most of your time. Supported by a 24-hour emergency service, the app provides you with complete peace of mind that your travel plans are in safe hands.

Please note, the Key Travel app and the Amadeus Mobile Messenger app are separate applications. For information on the Amadeus Mobile Messenger app, click here


  • Auto-Add, new trips booked by Key Travel are automatically added to the app
  • An easy access point to view all your itineraries in one place at any time
  • Share your trips with friends, family and colleagues via facebook, email and SMS


  • Save trip itineraries into your personal trip list and view past, current and future trips
  • Includes important data such as terminal details, gate information, seat allocation, special meals, hotel reference numbers and room types, car hire pick up points and much more
  • 24 hour trip support from our emergency team

Useful Utilities

  • Export trips to your calendar
  • Currency calculator
  • 5 day destination weather forecasts
  • Interactive maps to view airport, hotel and car rental locations



  • Check-in via the airline’s website from your mobile device
  • Be notified of flight delays, cancellations, gate and terminal changes
  • View:
    • Baggage allowance
    • Flight number
    • Seat map for applicable flights
    • Booked meals

Ground Arrangements (including Hotel and Rail)

  • All products include routes and destination points as well as travel dates
  • Important details which are required as part of the trip e.g. reference details and hotel room types
  • Contact details can also be found where applicable

The Key Travel app is now available to download for Apple devices through iTunes and Android devices through Google Play.

You can also download the web version of the app for Windows Phones via Windows Store. 

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All app content and notifications are dependent on information provided by the airlines and distributed via the Amadeus Global Distribution System (GDS).

For help on how to install the app click the link below;

Installing the Key Travel app

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