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Traveler Security Solutions

The profile of a typical NGO travel program means travelers frequently travel to areas of the world with inherently more risks than a typical corporate or leisure destination. However, travel to any part of the world, even within the United States, can carry risks. Risk to travelers comes in varying forms; whether immediate danger associated with conflict, political tensions and health warnings, or concerns over traveler welfare due to delays, airline strikes and weather disruption.

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Travel risks can’t always be foreseen or controlled, but with the right precautionary measures and data, an organization can provide its travelers with peace of mind and be equipped to respond to situations more effectively.

As a long standing partner to the non-profit community, Key Travel takes traveler well-being seriously and has invested in a number of services and tools to support our client's duty of care responsibilities.  These range from pre-trip briefings to traveler tracking; providing solutions at vastly reduced rates compared to market prices.



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