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Specialist Humanitarian Airfares

Over 35 years ago, Key Travel helped pioneer airfares in the non-profit sector with the introduction of Humanitarian Airfares. Founded by refugees who had fled Uganda in the 1970’s, and with a family steeped in travel industry roots, Key Travel had a desire to support those that had helped them and understood the complexities of air travel requirements for NGO’s, missionary groups and others in the non-profit community.

What is a Humanitarian Airfare?

A humanitarian fare is usually the least expensive flexible ticket, proven to generate significant savings for non-profit organizations; upwards of 30% in some cases. On occasions when humanitarian fares may appear slightly more expensive, they typically still provide best overall value due to their added benefits and flexibility.

Who is eligible?

'Humanitarian fares' is the generic term Key Travel uses for its specialist offering that's available to members and employees of non-profit organizations and travelers working on humanitarian causes covering both sustainable and disaster relief.


What are the benefits?

Beyond price, humanitarian fares provide a range of added benefits:

  • Extended ticketing
  • Flexibility after ticket issuance
  • No minimum stay, one year validity
  • Inbound returns & one way tickets permitted
  • Global network
  • Free excess baggage

Other fares available

In addition to our humanitarian fares, we have negotiated contracts with a further 70 airlines and have access to all published fares you will typically see online. We can also book tickets on no-frill airlines.  Humanitarian fares provide you with an additional level of tickets when looking for the best fares.

Expert Humanitarian Travel Consultants

Key Travel trains and invests in its Travel Consultants.  We use the title 'Consultant' rather than 'Agent' as they have many years’ experience in managing complex international travel arrangements, and understand the best combination of fares to provide you with the most cost-effective and time-efficient itineraries. 

Fly America

Working with over 2,000 NGO’s globally, many of whom are USAID funded, we are very familiar with the Fly America Act and its rules, including Open Skies and codeshare agreements.  

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