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Management Information (MI)

Having access to the right level of accurate data is crucial to supporting cost savings and developing effective travel programs.

Whether you are concerned about travel budgets, traveler security, or your carbon footprint, Key Travel can provide data to you that will help.

However, data alone cannot deliver results. Key Travel’s Management Information (KTMI) is supported by an experienced account management service that will help determine and understand your objectives, bring data to life, and consult with you in order for you to achieve results through practical and realistic programs.

Key Travel works with thousands of non-profit organizations supporting them in realizing proven savings of up to 30% of their travel budget improve traveler security and measure their carbon footprint through use of management information.

Accessible data

KTMI provides up to date information, accessible at your fingertips 24/7 in a secured online environment. Password protected, varying levels of access to data can be granted across your organization.

Relevant reports

KTMI is pre-built with reports which non-profit organizations have highlighted as important. These include financial & volume based reports, travel buying behavior, security & carbon footprint. Additionally, custom reports can be run to include multiple levels of line by line data. Every report can be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Dashboard reports

In addition to the KTMI that’s available online, your Key Travel Account Manager can provide you with periodic dashboard reports. These reports are designed to provide a snapshot of data and trends, and will also benchmark your organization’s results against the non-profit sector average.

Customized reports

Should there be reports you require that aren’t included in Key Travel’s standard management information packages, we will be able to build a specific report for you and make it available online. These can be broad reports or specific to a project or event.

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