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The world of hotels is complex. There are a multitude of rates, payment types and booking methods available and it’s often challenging to understand the best option. At Key Travel we have simplified this for you.

All in one place

With access to competitive rates at over 400,000 properties, Key Travel is able to book any type of hotel for you - whether contracted directly by your organization, a specially negotiated rate, or standard rack rate. 

Available to book online

Our hotel program is available to book online, 24/7.  All the rates that our Consultants can access are available to book, and your negotiated corporate rates can also be loaded into the system.  

Room types

Whether booked with a Consultant or online, all available room types are shown, including smoking or non-smoking and more specific room types such as club rooms.

Incidentals & special requests

With many hotels we can include breakfast and other incidental charges such as parking and WIFI in the rate.  Likewise, special requests such as late arrival or extended check out can be accommodated.

Multiple payment options

We are able to provide multiple payment options subject to the rate type, including rates that can be prepaid by Key Travel and passed on to your organization, rates billed directly to your organization, and those paid locally.  


Our agreements with many hotels mean changes or cancellations the day before arrival, or even the same day, are possible for a small fee.

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